I had the chance to try the Vax SpotWash 1 Litre Solution, and I must say, it’s a lifesaver for anyone who takes their home cleanliness seriously. Firstly, it targets everyday stains and accidental spills with an amazing effectiveness that made my rugs and upholstery look brand new.

The Carpetguard stain prevention is another feature that impressed me. It delivers as promised, thereby making sure your carpet stays clean for a much longer period. This reduction in re-soiling really adds value to this product.

I was blown away by the Oxy-Lift stain technology that easily breaks down, encapsulates, and lifts tough, embedded dirt from carpet fibres. This greatly improved the extraction process. This Vax Solution is everything anyone needs to keep their carpets spotless.

As someone who values the fragrance of a clean, fresh house, the rose scent incorporated into this solution was very welcoming. Finally, this product doesn’t just remove stains but also combats odours. Turning my carpets not only visibly clean, but also greatly fresh and pleasant smelling.

This solution is perfect for all Vax spotwashers and has an impressive volume of 1 litre, meaning a single purchase can go a long way. I wholeheartedly recommend the Vax SpotWash Solution for a spotless, fresh-smelling home.

vax spotwash

By Charlie