VetIQ Ear Cleaner is, without a doubt, an absolute must-have product for any loving pet owner. This cat and dog ear wax remover provides a gentle non-toxic solution for maintaining your pet’s ear hygiene. It’s impressive to see such a product which brings a combination of usability and safety to the forefront.

The easy-to-use nozzle attachment simplifies the entire process of application, ensuring there’s as little fuss and stress as possible for your pet. VetIQ takes ear hygiene a step further by designing an ear cleaner that softens existing wax making it easy to remove. The diligent use of this solution daily can help to alleviate any foreign materials from your pet’s ears. It demonstrates how VetIQ is all about the wellbeing of your pets.

The unique formulation limits any discolouration or staining around the ears which is a real game-changer. There’s nothing more assuring than knowing that these ear drops are suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens of all breeds, and sizes.

Beyond being incredibly effective, VetIQ Ear Cleaner is a safe ear cleaner for your pet, thanks to its natural active ingredients. Plus, the fact that it’s alcohol-free is a cherry on top. I highly recommend VetIQ Ear Cleaner for anyone who wishes to maintain their pet’s ear hygiene.

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By Charlie