Weleda’s Skin Food enters the skincare market as an effective solution to moisturise both face and body, especially for dry skin. The product is impressive, performing as a very intensive dry skin cream. With soothing wild pansy, calming chamomile, and caring calendula, it’s easy to see why this cream soothes and calms rough skin in such an efficient way. As a unique plus point, one of its ingredients is rosemary, a traditional circulation stimulant added for good measure.

If that’s not enough, this cream also boasts sunflower and sweet almond oils to enhance its nourishing properties, and beeswax and lanolin to lock in softness. It’s not just a quick fix. This cream provides long-lasting care. Moreover, this cream feels incredibly versatile as it can be applied from ‘toe to toe’.

What I particularly like about this product is its commitment to the environment and animal rights. It’s suitable for vegetarians and stands against animal testing. It’s an all-round winner for those looking for skincare that aligns with their values.

Weleda’s Skin Food moisturising cream is not just an effective treatment for dry skin but also a trumpet call for what modern, conscious skincare should look like.


By Charlie