As a discerning user of grooming products, I have to say that the Wilkinson Sword Shaving Brush has truly exceeded my expectations. This shaving brush, with its finest quality bristles, not only exfoliates the skin with a gentle action but also lifts and moistens the beard, preparing it for an optimal shave.

The instruction manual is quite easy to follow. However, one needs to be careful not to use strong detergents or disinfectants on the brush. Furthermore, leaving it wet for a long period of time is also not advisable. A simple thorough rinse with warm water post each use is sufficient to maintain its durability and effectiveness.

But the real marvel lies in pairing the brush with the Wilkinson Sword Shaving bowl. It creates a thick, luxurious lather that coats the face evenly and contributes to lifting facial hair, facilitating a smooth and close shave.

Simply put, the Wilkinson Sword Shaving Brush serves as a high-quality tool for a superior shaving experience. Invest in this classy piece, and you will thank yourself.

shaving brush

By Charlie