As a self-acclaimed foodie, I was thrilled when I was asked to review The Jelly Bean Factory’s Huge Flavours, weighing a hefty 1.4Kg. The jelly beans come in a gourmet mix of 28 individual flavours which satisfy the sweet tooth and keep you coming back for more. The flavours are exquisite and each mouthful is a surprise.

The packaging is impressive, the beans are housed in a large jar with a purple re-sealable lid that screams sophistication. Astonishingly, these delicious candies are not only free from gelatine but halal and kosher too. They’ve managed to strike a fine balance of being so inclusive while not compromising on flavour.

I was also overjoyed to find out that they are made in a nut free facility, making these an excellent treat for those with allergies. Even better, these candies are vegan, gluten free and do not have any artificial flavours or colours. Given its size, the large jar is perfect for any occasion, may it be a birthday party or just a regular Netflix marathon.

The Jelly Bean Factory’s Huge Flavours are a collection of joy, colour and flavour wrapped in a bite-sized delight. They are a treat to the taste-buds and a visually stunning addition to any candy bowl. These are a must-have for any jelly bean enthusiast!

the jelly bean factory

By Charlie