The Vileda Magic Mop Replacement Heads have been life-changing in my home cleaning routine. Coming in a handy pack of two, it’s always convenient to have a spare one at hand. The absorbent sponge head is exceptional, offering 50 percent higher efficiency in picking up particles and hair. Vileda has really stepped up their game with this action mop head.

The white scouring edge is a thoughtful addition to these mop heads. This feature diligently works to remove stubborn dirt that would otherwise require a lot of effort to clean. It’s easy to fit onto the mop handle with a sturdy screw fitting which adds to the overall convenience of use.

These mop heads are perfectly suitable for use with the Vileda Magic Mop but also fit the older style Vileda Magic Mop with ease. However, please take care to avoid using it with harsh chemicals or boiling hot water, as recommended, and don’t leave the mop outside or soak the head in water when not in use. An excellent choice brought to you by an authentic, trusted brand, Vileda!

vileda magic mop

By Charlie