For any enthusiast of rolled cigarettes, the Rizla Automatic Rolling Tin is exactly a high-quality accessory you’ve been waiting for. This reliable, all-metal beauty is brought to you by Rizla – a brand we all associate with quality and longevity.

The machine’s size and construction make it perfect for rolling all types of papers, especially Rizla, adding to its versatility. It fits comfortably in your hand at a compact 95mm X 80mm size. This makes it easy to carry around and utilise wherever you may find yourself.

Utilizing this automatic rolling machine summons the perfect blend of convenience, consistency and class. Gone are the days of irregularly shaped rollings or wasted papers. This tin churns out a pro-level roll every time.

This is a product I highly recommend. Whether it’s for a gift or for your own personal use, the Rizla Automatic Rolling Tin is worth owning. It’s a fantastic time-saver that helps you achieve that flawless roll each time.

rizla automatic rolling tin

By Charlie