I’ve had the opportunity to test out the POLYCELL Multi-Purpose Polyfilla Ready Mixed, and I must say, it’s impressed me. With its smooth, creamy consistency right out of the package, it made for a hassle-free application. No need to mess around with mixing or preparing – the product is ready to use as is.

One standout feature is its excellent adhesion. Once applied, you can trust that it’s going to stay put. Additionally, it doesn’t shrink or crack over time, a common issue with many other fillers that can lead to repeat work. However, ensure that the surface and crack are dry before application for optimal results.

At 330 grams, it comes in a convenient size that isn’t too heavy yet holds enough product for minor repairs and maintenance. Despite its relatively small weight, it surely delivers a solid performance.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable filler for a variety of tasks, the POLYCELL PLCMPP330GS Multi-Purpose Polyfilla Ready Mixed offers a versatile solution. It’s a keeper in my books!

polycell multi-purpose polyfilla

By Charlie