Today, I am reviewing the Biomed Superwhite Toothpaste, a product that addresses multiple oral care needs with its innovative formula. Oh, and it’s natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

The Biomed Superwhite Toothpaste not only promises gentle whitening up to 1 shade, but it also promises to strengthen and clean the tooth enamel, courtesy of active ingredients such as hydroxyapatite, L-arginine, pineapple extract and coconut oil. They assure that the results are achievable after 4 weeks of brushing your teeth twice daily.

The pleasantly unique taste delivered by cinnamon extract is an added bonus, making the brushing experience even more enjoyable. I appreciate its conscious inclusion of peppermint essential oils, plantain and birch leaf extracts that soothe the gums and freshen the breath while effectively breaking down and preventing plaque.

Biomed Superwhite Toothpaste stands out as it is fluoride-free, ideal for children aged six years and older, and adults. Clinically proven, 97% natural and certified by multiple independent bodies, this toothpaste ensures a healthier smile for the entire family!

I recommend using this product regularly, coupled with Biomed toothbrushes and mouthwashes for maximum effect.

natural toothpaste

By Charlie