Having struggled with the devastating habit of nail-biting for quite a while, stumbling upon the Stop N Grow 7.5ml was a game changer for me. The product, dedicated to helping people get over the habit of nail-biting, is laden with a mix of interesting and effective ingredients. It contains Alcohol Denat that is widely recognised for its cleaning properties, making sure your nails remain clean.

It also consists of Aqua, Polyvinyl Acetate, and Sucrose Octa Acetate, which function together to provide a strong deterrent against nail-biting. Moreover, it applies easily over the entire nail and cuticle area, sealing its effectiveness especially after meals and washing hands. Do remember though, this powerful deterrent is not suitable for children under 3 years of age or to be used on broken skin. Always keep this out of children’s reach.

The Stop N Grow 7.5ml comes in liquid form, weighing just 30 grams – which makes it super portable and easy to carry around. It has a special natural formula and comes in a single 7.5ml pack. All in all, if you or your loved one are looking for a way to stop nail biting, this product could be your one-stop solution! Remember, nails are to enhance your beauty, not to express your stress!

stop n grow 7.5ml

By Charlie