As someone who always aims for clean and fresh smelling skin, I found that Bionsen Roll On Deodorant not only met my expectations but exceeded them. This deodorant comes packed with Japanese spa minerals which are known for their unique properties. It offers a gentle approach to deodorising, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Upon use, the deodorant smoothly rolls on and leaves a fresh scent. I find it incredibly potent in terms of neutralising bacteria responsible for bad odours. The result is a natural sensation of freshness that lasts all day, without hindering my body’s natural perspiration process.

What’s more, this Bionsen product is 0% aluminium and parabens free, which is a fantastic bonus for those of us who care about what we put on our skin. It is also alcohol-free and mould-resistant, giving assurance of a long lasting freshness. The roll on packaging is very practical, fuss-free and easy to carry around if needed.

To sum up, Bionsen has come up with a versatile and effective deodorant solution with this product. It’s gentle on the skin, offers long-lasting freshness, and is made up of natural ingredients. A worthy addition to any toiletry bag.


By Charlie