Having tested the VO5 Rework Hair Putty, I have been really impressed with its natural hold and easy application. This product is great for adding that messy texture to your hair that really pulls off a casual, yet refined look. Being ideal for short to mid length cuts, it effortlessly manipulates your hair in absolutely any direction that you desire!

What I appreciate most is that this Hair Putty works flawlessly without leaving any stickiness, greasiness or flakes. That’s right – it offers a fantastic hold without compromising on your hair’s natural look. And when the day ends, it easily washes out, ready for a fresh style the next day.

Coming with a generous hold level of 4/5, VO5’s Rework Putty proves to be versatile, suitable for your daytime or evening events too. Remember to use it sparingly, as a little of this Putty goes a long way. It’s all about perfecting your style without needing an abundance of product. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable styling product that offers reworkable hold and that natural look, then VO5’s Rework Hair Putty could be just the thing for you.

vo5 rework hair putty

By Charlie