As someone who has tried countless products related to bladder weakness, I must say, the TENA Lady Maxi Night Towels stand out among the rest. Not just for its effectiveness, but it also offers great value with a practical monthly pack of 48 incontinence pads.

The Triple Protection feature ensures a strong defence against leakage, moisture and odours, thus, providing discreet and secure protection for women with medium to heavy bladder weakness – an apt choice for undisturbed sleep. What sets this product apart is its impressive consideration for nighttime use. The pad’s rear part is engineered wide and longer ensuring optimum protection and ultimate security when lying down at night.

The TENA Lady Maxi Night Towels level up the game with their fresh odour control feature. Thanks to the advanced micro-fresh pearls embedded, these absorbent incontinence pads lock in fluid effectively, eliminate odours, helping you feel fresh and secure overnight. They are not just protective, but also very comfortable to wear. The soft elastic edges adapt perfectly to your body giving you a comfortable feeling and a peaceful sleep.

Lastly, what further impressed me was the safety concerns taken – All the materials used in TENA’s incontinence products are dermatologically tested, fragrance-free ensuring skin health. In summary, The TENA Lady Maxi Night Towels offer superior comfort, protection and discreetness for women with bladder weakness. Try them, and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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By Charlie