Having tested the BSN Medical 352047 Hypafix 71443 5 cm x 10 m Self Adhesive Tape, I am thoroughly impressed. Designed with patient needs in mind, the non-woven, skin-friendly tape is perfect for wide area dressing fixation. I note with appreciation the tape’s ability to stretch transversely, which makes it highly conformable and easy to apply even on tricky joint areas like the knee, elbow, and shoulder.

What I find particularly beneficial is the material – a quality polyester non-woven backing. This ensures good initial and long-term adhesion. Under test conditions, the Hypafix tape remained securely in place, demonstrating the effectiveness of the low-allergy polyacrylate adhesive. The tape also earns brownie points for being air and moisture vapour permeable, a crucial factor when it comes to wound healing. The size, measuring 5CMX10M, is generous, and you can easily cut it according to your need.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a reliable, comfortable adhesive tape that has patient comfort at heart, you really can’t go wrong with the BSN Medical Hypafix.

bsn medical adhesive tape

By Charlie