In my experience, Bausch + Lomb Boston Advance Cleaner is a must-have for those dealing with rigid gas permeable and hard contact lenses. With a daily use of this cleaner, it does an exceptional job at preventing the buildup of stubborn residues that usually impairs the comfort of your lenses.

Specifically formulated for use with Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution, this duo creates the perfect conditions for healthy eye care. The cleaner effectively removes protein and lipid deposits from the contact lens, keeping them at their optimal performance – clear, comfortable and disinfected.

You’ll love how Boston Advance Cleaner incorporates a visual indicator – titanium dioxide. This ensures an easy rinsing process which otherwise can be a hassle. It’s an improvement that definitely adds value.

Its 30ml of liquid volume ensures that this product will last, providing great value for money. And with a shelf life of 730 days, you won’t need to worry about it expiring anytime soon. Remember, the health of your eyes is always worth investing in and Boston makes that investment a lot easier.

rigid gas permeable lenses

By Charlie