If you’re struggling with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or just want a reliable daily cream to maintain your skin health, look no further than the celebrated E45 Cream. This cream features Medilan, a hypoallergenic form of purified lanolin renowned for its excellent moisturising properties. It creates an immediate protective barrier, locking in moisture and keeping skin irritants at bay, and provides an excellent environment for healing those areas troubled by extreme dryness and sensitivity.

As a clinically-proven treatment for dry and irritated skin, this emollient cream is perfect for a whole host of skin conditions including ichthyosis, itchy skin, sunburn, as well as certain dry cases of psoriasis. It’s refreshing to find a product that not only relieves but actively treats my skin’s dryness without overburdening it with greasiness.

Elements I really appreciate about E45 Cream are its unscented formula and the fact that it is dermatologically tested. It can be used daily by all family members, even infants from the age of one month. Used 2-3 times daily, it provides enduring moisturisation, gets to work instantly and the skin easily absorbs it, without feeling sticky or oily. I’ve seen significant improvement in my skin health since incorporating this product into my routine.

I cannot forget to mention the legacy that E45 Cream carries, originating in 1952 and making its way to pharmacy and retail in 1980, thanks to its proven benefits. It’s a product with a history of patient care and they seem to not have compromised on their principles of producing better treatment options for skincare routines.

Overall, E45 Cream is an excellent product for anyone seeking a reliable, effective way to address dry, sensitive skin issues and ensure their skin always feels soft, hydrated and well taken care of.

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By Charlie