The Silverline 534361 3-Digit Combination Book Safe Box is an innovative solution for anyone in need of a secure hiding place for their valuables. Built with sturdy carbon steel, this product adds an extra layer of security with a 3-digit combination lock. The real selling point, however, is its ingenious camouflage design. With its realistic cardboard cover, it looks just like an everyday book, successfully foiling any potential thieves.

The dimensions are quite accommodating as well. At 5.5D x 11.5W x 18H centimetres, it can safely hold cash, important documents, and small valuables. It comes in a subtle blue colour, further enhancing its stealthy nature. Silverline also took a thoughtful approach to the controls, opting for a 3-digit combination lock that’s both reliable and convenient.

The inclusion of an easy-to-follow instruction guide is also worth noting. It makes the setup a breeze, so you can start using the Book Safe Box right away. Overall, this Silverline product offers a unique and effective way to protect your treasures at home.

book safe box

By Charlie