The Gonher Cowboy Metal 8 ring shot cap gun is more than a simple toy, it’s an experience of the Old West right in your hands. The strong aesthetics and feel of the gun, with western detailing imprinted on the metal body and the plastic wood effect handle, make for an ideal gift for kids aged above 8 years.

The gun uses any 8 ring shot caps which gives the user flexibility and ease of use. One tip I’d like to share is to always clean the chamber when changing caps to prevent residue; this ensures an excellent performance every time. This gun can also work with or without caps, maintaining the fun factor nonetheless.

The instruction is clear: this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years and should always be used under adult supervision. The brand, Peterkin, assures quality and safety, making it a valued purchase.

With an approximate length of 20.5 cm, the Gonher Cowboy Gun is the perfect size for a child’s play. Bootstrap your cowboy adventure with a bang!

gonher cowboy gun

By Charlie