As a seasoned guitarist, I am always on the lookout for practical and versatile accessories. Recently, I stumbled across the Chord Wall Mount Guitar Bracket, and it has quickly become an indispensable part of my setup.

One striking feature of this mount is its suitability for most guitars and bass guitars. It beautifully accommodates a wide range of instruments, thus providing a perfect display and storage solution. This versatility indeed makes it a must-have for any music lover.

The Chord Wall Mount Guitar Bracket offers secure padding for your precious instrument. The padded folks provide a gentle but firm grip on the guitar’s neck, ensuring that it won’t budge or slip. What I particularly love about this feature is that it safeguards against any potential damage. It clearly shows that Chord takes into account all the necessary precautions for preserving our beloved instruments.

The dimensions of this wall mount sets it apart from the competition. With a fork gap of 50mm and a length of 150mm, this compact yet spacious design effortlessly allows for easy installation while taking up less space. Trust me, this practicality goes a long way.

The Chord Wall Mount Guitar Bracket superbly combines functionality with aesthetics, fulfilling the requirements of both a protective and visually enticing housing solution for your guitars.

chord wall mount

By Charlie