The Body Mist by So…? is a wonderful treat for anyone who loves to have a refreshing fragrance in their daily routine. I love the sweet vanilla notes mixed with fruity or floral undertones that transport you to a world of delightful scents. It’s a versatile body mist suitable for different moods and occasions.

One thing I appreciate about this product is that it lasts remarkably long; the 100ml bottle provides over 650 sprays, meaning 44 days’ supply if you use it as recommended. What’s even better, the scent lasts an estimated 6 hours after spraying, practically a whole day if you’re using it for work or a night out.

This body mist exhibits a cruelty-free and vegan composition, encased in a recyclable plastic (PET) bottle, making it eco-friendly and a thoughtful choice for our planet. This is a commendable feature that I absolutely support.

So…? Fragrance is renowned as the #1 best-selling self-select fragrance brand in the UK, and it’s easy to understand why. High quality, affordability, and inclusive beauty perfectly define their brand. You can never go wrong with the Body Mist By So…?; it’s an excellent gift choice for women and girls – a hip and sensual fragrance they will surely adore.

vanilla body mist

By Charlie