The Clearwater CH0005 PH Plus Increaser is a must-have addition to your swimming pool or spa maintenance regimen. First and foremost, the main job of Clearwater PH Increaser is to elevate the pH levels of your spa or above ground pool. When pH levels are maintained at a comfortable range, it makes for a more pleasurable soak or swim. It’s quite the perk for those free hours enjoyably spent in hot tubs or pools!

The PH Increaser doesn’t just stop at affording you a comfortable experience, it also helps keep your spa or pool in a pristine and hygienic condition. The result? A continually inviting, clean, and well-cared-for pool that is simply pleasing to the eye.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is how the Clearwater PH Increaser allows chlorine treatments in the pool to work more effectively. It navigates them to the ideal pH levels needed for chlorine to work best, getting rid of harmful bacteria and ensuring a healthier pool environment.

The Clearwater PH Increaser is incredibly user-friendly. With clear instructions on the bottle, all you’re required to do is dissolve the suggested amount of chemicals in warm water, add it to the pool, and let it do its magic. You’ll notice the difference within a minimum of 4 hours!

Embracing the Clearwater PH Increaser means choosing a BISHTA approved, high-quality water treatment option that has been recommended by reputable brands such as Bestway and Lay-Z-Spa. Plus, with a dedicated and friendly UK customer support team always ready to assist, user experience truly doesn’t get any better than this.

clearwater ph increaser

By Charlie