As an affiliate marketer, I love finding products that are functional and simple, just like this SoeKoa CD Slot GPS Mount. The first thing that stands out is that this mount fits Garmin Nuvi devices with a 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern. No hassle, no complications – you just insert the mount into your CD slot and lock it in place. The practicality is amazing.

Look, we’ve all had that time when we’ve struggled to see the GPS because of the glaring sunlight. This mount helps to solve this problem as it’s placed in the CD slot under the dash, making it much easier to view, even in grand sunlight. It’s a thoughtful design that makes all the difference.

The scientific and reasonable structure of this SoeKoa mount caught my eye too. It’s easy to adjust and you can install it without breaking a sweat. Do note that the mounting bracket is not included – it’s the mount base only. But, don’t let this discourage you.

All in all, the SoeKoa CD Slot GPS Mount is a solid investment for those who want a practical and easy-to-install mount for their Garmin Nuvi devices. Go ahead, try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

cd slot gps mount

By Charlie