After investigating and trying out the Electruepart Henry Hoover Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Double Layer Paper Dust Bags, I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. These bags are an incredible value, especially considering the pack of 20.

The bags boast of high filtration dual layer construction, which significantly enhanced the cleaning performance of my vacuum. The cardboard collar makes for an exceedingly good fit, to give you the optimum vacuuming experience every time.

One factor that sets it apart from the rest is its unique double micro filter system. This reinforces the overall filtration, making sure your vacuum only expels the cleanest air. Not only does this make your home cleaner, but it also conveniently extends the life of your vacuum.

When the bag does finally fill up, it’s reassuring to know that it remains sealable for a quick, clean, and fuss-free disposal. It felt good not to be engulfed in a cloud of dust while disposing of the filled bag!

As these dust bags are compatible with multiple Numatic devices – including Henry, James, Hetty, and Basil – there’s a good chance they’ll fit your vacuum cleaner perfectly too. The green colour adds a cute pop, and the lightweight construction makes sure you won’t be lugging around any unnecessary weight.

I’ve found these dust bags to be a high-quality, affordable and dependable option for any Numatic vacuum cleaner owner out there.

electruepart henry hoover dust bags

By Charlie