I’ve had the pleasure of using Q-Connect’s self-adhesive address labels recently and I must share with you my extremely positive experience. These labels are great not only for labelling envelopes but also packages, parcels, files and much more. The convenience it provides is truly outstanding.

The labels come supplied on a roll in a handy dispenser box, which I found extremely convenient. It’s easy to pull out as many labels as you need and it keeps the rest nicely organised. The labels measure 89 x 36 mm, a size that I’ve found to be perfect for most labelling tasks.

This pack contains a count of 200 white labels. The white colour of the labels gives a clean and professional look to all your packages or files. Q-Connect is a reputable brand and their production of high quality, sturdy labels is consistent. This particular product has adhesive finishing and the labels’ rectangular shape gives ample space for writing or printing addresses.

To top it off, these labels are repositionable which is a fantastic feature. No more regret about placing it a bit too much to the left or right. Just carefully peel it and re-fix it in the desired place. I have found this attribute particularly helpful.

In conclusion, if you are on the lookout for practical and high-quality address labels, I highly recommend the Q-Connect Address Label Roll. Its convenience, versatility and premium quality will certainly exceed your expectations.

q-connect labels

By Charlie