Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner is an absolute must-have for maintaining a clean, fresh and optimally functioning washing machine. I’ve been impressed with how it effectively eliminates 99.99% unseen bacteria, viruses and fungi lurking in your washing machine, while alleviating unpleasant odours often caused by detergent residues.

This powerful cleaner is easy to use with clear instructions provided. Simply pour all the Deep Clean powder directly into the empty drum, then select a 60 °C cycle without a pre-wash or additional detergent and let the machine do its magic. I recommend using it every two months or after every 30 washes to maintain a hygienically clean washing machine that delivers really clean laundry.

The product also releases a pleasant lemon fragrance that makes your washing machine smell fresh. With it, I’ve noticed a longer lifespan of my washing machine as it prevents persistent build up of dirt and other residues effectively.

So, whether you’re looking to keep your washing machine functioning smoothly, or just can’t stand the damp smells anymore, Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner is your top choice.

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By Charlie