The MAM Teats Size 3 is a fantastic product that has become my top recommendation for parents who want to ensure a smooth transition for their babies from breast to bottle feeding. Boasting an acceptance rate of 94% due to its patented SkinSoft silicone, these teats mimic a mother’s skin texture, providing a familiar feel for babies – a feature that greatly reduces rejection.

Designed in collaboration with medical experts, it pays homage to a mother’s nipple in shape and incorporates a specially adapted teat to cater for the low viscosity of breast milk, and is equally effective with formula milk. The unique oval shape of the teat ensures an ideal fit in baby’s mouth each time, contributing to a comforting feeding experience.

Particularly impressive is the air ventilation valve, which aims to provide a smooth and uninterrupted drinking flow, thereby preventing the teat from collapsing. The MAM Teats can be conveniently used with any MAM bottle, which includes their acclaimed Easy Start Anti Colic Baby Bottles.

Finally, these silicone teats are perfect for more vigorous suckers who drink faster, setting a good pace as your little one transitions to mashed-up food. For children aged 4 months and above, these teats are BPA free and mould resistant ensuring safety at its highest level.

mam teats size 3

By Charlie