Philips Avent Natural teats have been a wonderful addition to our feeding routine. The ultra-soft teat coupled with the flexible spiral design truly mirrors the natural breastfeeding experience. This seamlessly enables us to switch between breast and bottle feeding without causing any confusion for our little one.

What struck me the most was its unique, wide, breast-shaped teat that encourages a natural latch on. It is also equipped with internal comfort petals, which ensure a soft, flexible make enhancing my baby’s comfort during feeding times.

The innovative twin valve design is another salient feature that significantly minimizes instances of colic and other discomforts while feeding. It smartly allows air venting into the bottle rather than my baby’s tummy, thus reducing any fussiness typically associated with feeding.

Another significant advantage is that the Philips Avent products are compatible with each other. This makes transitioning from newborn to toddler stages much smoother for both us and our child. The fact that these are made from BPA-free materials adds to the reassurance of using something safe for my child.

Offered in a handy pack of two, these fast-flow, anti-colic teats are not just efficient but cost-effective as well! Designed for 6+ months babies, they can be used with Philips Avent Comfort breast pump, storage containers, cups, sterilisers and even the bottle warmer.

philips avent natural teat

By Charlie