The Adhesive-Sealant DR. Boat is a remarkable product that boasts an exceptional composition based on polyurethane, specifically formulated for the repair and sealing of punctures or cuts, in inflatable products made of PVC and rubberized fabrics without the need for additional trays. It works amazingly well on a multitude of items including inflatable boats, mattresses, water attractions, trampolines, and swimming pools, among others.

One distinct feature that sets this product apart is its impressive resistance to hydrolysis. This means it can withstand both saltwater and freshwater conditions, showcasing its high strength and notable heat resistance. Its excellent plasticity also ensures optimal performance even at lower temperatures.

Using the DR. Boat Adhesive Sealant is straightforward and quick – you clean the area around the damage, apply a thick layer of the sealant, and after 15-30 minutes, re-apply another layer. Just after 5-7 hours, you can remove the fixation and the product is ready to use. However, for maximum strength, it’s recommended to wait for 24 hours. It really is a strong solution for any puncture and for those seeking a quick, easy, and reliable repair solution.

As a liquid form of PVC, this sealant offers a heavy-duty formula that strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and resistance to harsh conditions such as salt, chemical, and hot water. It’s quite literally a go-to product for tackling all sorts of repairs. I can definitely assure you, the Dr.Boat puncture repair kit won’t let you down.

puncture repair kit

By Charlie