I recently switched to the fenjal’s Vitality Body Wash, and my skin has been thanking me ever since. Although it’s designed to revitalise dry skin, I’ve found that it works wonders on all skin types. This product is formulated with vitamins B5, E & C, which are known for their skin-nourishing attributes, and is enriched with the right amount of precious grapeseed oils to gently cleanse the skin.

Moreover, right from the first wash I could notice my skin feeling silky soft and smooth. I appreciate that the product is free from preservatives and has been dermatologically tested so you know it isn’t harsh on the skin.

The Cream form is easy to use and it’s enriched with a Tea Tree scent that lingers after each wash, providing a pleasant and fresh feeling. Also, it’s a dermatologist-tested product, which adds more trust for me. It is a 200ml pack, suitable for Adults and it’s Scented with Tea Tree Oil that adds a unique feature to it.

Last but not least, the Fenjal Vitality Body Wash is gentle yet effective. I’ve found it to be the perfect addition to my skin-care routine and I definitely recommend it.

fenjal vitality body wash

By Charlie