Being a food lover with dietary restrictions can be difficult sometimes, especially when it comes to enjoying sweet and tasty treats. But with Stute’s Diabetic Fine Cut Marmalade, those worries are a thing of the past. This marmalade is a game-changer in the realm of guilt-free indulgences.

This energy-reduced marmalade boasts up to 45% fewer calories compared to traditional jams, this is an excellent choice for those watching their weight or managing diabetes. What blew me away was that despite being low in sugar, it didn’t lack in taste or texture. Sweetened with sorbitol, it has a delightful sweetness that doesn’t overpower, and finest Seville Oranges give it a refreshing citrus twist. It’s also worth noting it has no preservatives or artificial additives, showing Stute’s commitment to holistic wellness.

The item weight being just 0.43kg allows for easy handling, and the sturdy bottle packaging ensures your marmalade stays fresh. As with most jams and marmalades, it’s recommended to refrigerate after opening to retain its fresh taste. And don’t forget, although its taste might have you wanting more, a lesser intake of 25g is recommended daily to avoid any laxative effects.

Made by Stute Foods, a known tried-and-tested brand based in the UK, this marmalade is suitable for vegetarians making it a versatile pantry staple. The only thing to note, as with all sorbitol-sweetened products, is to consume in moderation.

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By Charlie