I recently got my hands on the Addis Plastic 8 cm Funnel, and boy, what a useful tool this has proven to be! This small yet incredibly functional item is exactly what you need for smooth food preparation, home brewing, wine making, and even diverse DIY and hobby uses. Let me take you through its salient features.

The fact that the Addis funnel is made here in the UK ensures it is of high quality. Being part of households since 1780, the brand Addis stands true to its tagline- ‘made for life’. It feels sturdy yet lightweight in hand and is 100% food safe with BPA free plastic.

With dimensions of 9.5 x 8 x 11 centimetres, the funnel is neither too big to handle, nor too small to be ineffective. Its 8cm diameter works great for smaller funnelling use. It is also transparent, so you can easily see the substance flowing through it. This makes it a very practical tool for channelling any liquid or fine-grained substances into containers, helping to eliminate mess and facilitate precision.

In conclusion, I can’t recommend the Addis Plastic 8 cm Funnel enough. It’s a must-have in every kitchen or DIY toolset. Remember, it’s ‘Addis – made for life’, and this product certainly underlines that.

food preparation

By Charlie