The Kärcher Garden Hose Hanger is the perfect storage solution that eliminates unsightly loose hoses and reduces trip hazards. Its ingenious design allows it to be conveniently mounted on external walls for easy access, or hidden inside a garage if you prefer a tidier look.

One key advantage of this hose hanger is the special area for storing nozzles and spray guns, keeping everything you need together. Not only practical, it’s a robust, heavy-duty product that guarantees a long service life. Trust me, it’s a solid investment for any homeowner!

This hanger is not only compatible with all Kärcher watering products but also with all available click systems. It showcases the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality, trendsetting designs, whether you’re an occasional gardener, a garden enthusiast, or a professional.

With its easy wall-mount feature, space-saving design, and built-in storage for gardening tools, the Kärcher Garden Hose Hanger truly redefines standards in function, design, and quality. No more tangled, hazardous hoses. Just organised, safe, and visually appealing hose storage.


By Charlie