Stepping into my kitchen today, I had the pleasure of trialling the ‘No Frills’ 2-in-1 Egg Poacher Pan. The simplicity and versatility this product offers is truly impressive – it’s more than just an egg poacher pan. Ready for poached, coddled, fried, scrambled, or lovingly executed omelettes, it’s a dream come true for egg lovers like myself.

The pan boasts of high-grade aluminium, ensuring fast and even heat distribution across Gas, Halogen, Ceramic, and Solid Plate hobs. It’s quite an all-rounder, except that it’s not compatible with induction – which I think isn’t a deal-breaker for its performance.

What stood out to me was the stay-cool handle. It’s a fantastic feature that adds a layer of safety along with comfortability. Not to forget, it can be easily hung in the kitchen, saving you valuable space.

The icing on the cake truly is the Teflon non-stick PFOA free coating, making cooking and subsequent cleaning an absolute breeze. It is reliable, safe, and dishwasher friendly.

Last but not least, there’s a 5-year guarantee from Judge Homewares that backs up this quality product, instilling confidence in their high-performance products and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

egg poacher pan

By Charlie