As a fan of handy but practical household tools, I was astounded by the Addis Spray Mop Single Refill. This removable and washable microfibre cleaning pad enables easy and efficient floor cleaning, presenting itself as an essential addition to every modern home.

I must mention the perfect fit! It seamlessly integrates with your mop. The large, swivelling head enables access to even the most hard to reach nooks and corners, offering thorough cleaning.

The standout feature, however, has to be its reusability. It can be washed, dried and then reused, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. This refill promises a simple, easy, and time-saving cleaning experience, regardless of your floor surface be it tiles, vinyl, wood or stone.

Beyond its practicality, it’s reassuring to know this refill is produced by Addis – a reputable household brand since 1780. Combine this with its lightweight build (50 grams) and your cleaning routine becomes more joyful and stress-free.

Overall, the Addis Spray Mop Single Refill is a value-packed product that will surely lighten your cleaning tasks and bring more efficiency home.

addis spray mop refill

By Charlie