I recently came across a fantastic kit that perfectly serves various hobby needs. The LAMXD Model Spray Paint Kit consists of 10 crocodile clips and a sturdy painting stand base. With the length of each clip being 140mm and the stand base size as 150 X 100 X 20mm, they provide ample size for accommodating your hobby needs.

Moreover, this kit doesn’t compromise on quality. The stand base has been crafted with durable ABS plastic, ensuring a long life and substantial resistance to corrosion. The alligator clips are made from steel, further adding to the kit’s durability.

What I find commendable about the LAMXD Model Spray Paint Kit is its considerate design. The detachable base comes equipped with pearl cotton, preventing the clips from falling. Furthermore, the alligator clip teeth have been designed to ensure they securely clamp without causing damage to small parts.

But the practicality doesn’t stop there. This versatile tool keeps your hands neat whilst painting, making it perfect for anyone who regularly paints models. You can simply use the alligator clip stick kit for spray painting and position your models suitably with the 10 included clips.

In addition to this, the kit’s diverse usage spans beyond modelling. It can also be used for electronics soldering, DIY craftwork, and even for holding photos. Indeed, the LAMXD Model Spray Paint Kit proves to be an efficient helper in all such hobbies.

model spray paint kit

By Charlie