The Wahl 6 Piece Haircutting Accessory Kit is a remarkable tool that one should consider for home grooming sessions. The kit is loaded with essential accessories, including a pair of scissors, styling comb, cape and a water spray bottle. What stands out from this kit is the quality of each accessory. I found the stainless-steel scissors quite impressive as they provide a smooth cutting action and do not damage or split hair ends. And the cape? Oh, what a stylish piece! It’s lightweight and breathable, and keeps you clean during haircuts.

But the piece de resistance in this kit, for me, was the Wahl Neck Duster Brush. It was excellent for removing loose hair from the face and neck, living up to its name. The kit doesn’t stop to impress there. The multi-functional spray bottle which gives an ultra-fine mist is fantastic to mildly saturate the hair, suitable for both home use and professional hairdressing salon use.

Finally, I cannot overlook the practicality of the barber comb included, which doesn’t pull, tangle or damage your hair. Given its quality, I believe this kit is well worth the investment. It could very well be the answer to achieving a salon-like haircut at home.

wahl 6 piece accessory kit

By Charlie