Anyone who’s ever tried transferring liquids or fine-grained substances between containers will appreciate the value of a well-made funnel. That’s where the Addis 518003 Funnel shines. Made in the UK and boasting a diameter of 14cm, this funnel provides a generous space for pouring liquids or small particles without making a mess. Whether you’re using it for food preparation, indulge in home brewing, winemaking, arts and crafts or any other hobby, this is the ideal tool to make the process smoother and cleaner.

One feature that sets the Addis Funnel apart is its focus on safety – it’s 100% Food Safe and BPA-free, making it a great choice for kitchen use. It’s these little details that demonstrate Addis’ commitment to their products, aligning with their tagline: ‘Made for Life’. As a trusted brand that’s been part of homes since 1780, Addis offers reliable, high-quality products and this funnel is no exception.

Practicality aside, this funnel is both lightweight, at just 0.09 pounds, and visually unobtrusive due to its transparent plastic finish. Overall, the Addis 518003 Funnel is a sturdy, reliable tool that’s a must-have in any home.


By Charlie