The Abena Maternity Pads are more than just a simple sanitary product. They are specifically designed to provide both comfort and protection for new mothers going through the postnatal phase. I absolutely love how they are thoughtfully designed to cater for light to heavy degrees of postnatal incontinence, giving mothers a worry-free experience when it’s needed the most.

One of the standout features for me is the brand’s genuine focus on sustainability. These eco-friendly pads are Certified by the FSC & the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, so you can feel good using a product that respects the environment. Additionally, the pads are formulated from responsibly sourced sustainable ingredients.

Comfort is a key aspect of the Abena Maternity Pads, and the makers have kept that in mind by incorporating a top-dry system that keeps you feeling dry and allows your skin to breathe.

The Abena Maternity Pads can be easily fixed to your normal underwear with the self-adhesive strips on the back of the pad. They feature strategically designed inlet channels for instant absorption, offering peace of mind and healthy skin. Also, they offer full leak protection, thanks to their super absorbent materials and anatomically designed barriers.

The fact that these pads are both breathable and skin-friendly, while providing extra protection, further enhances their value in my eyes.

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By Charlie