After having gone through the experience of using the MAM Medium Flow Teats Size 2 for my little one, I can confidently recommend it to every new mother out there. The product promises comfort and safety, and in my experience, it delivers both without a hitch.

A major plus is its SkinSoft™ Teat that is quaintly reminiscent of a mother’s skin. This particular feature made switching between breastfeeding and bottle exceedingly simple for me — a convenience that most mothers would indeed find invaluable. I found that 94%* of babies accept the MAM Teat, which corroborates my statement.

The built-in air ventilation valve ensures a smooth flow when drinking, which not only prevents choking but also makes feeding comfortable for the baby. Its compatibility also merits mention – the teats work seamlessly with any MAM bottle.

Another noteworthy characteristic exhibited by the product is its variable flow rates corresponding to the growth stage of your baby. The MAM Medium flow teat which I used is suitable for babies from around 2+ months which worked perfectly for me.

Just bear in mind, for safety and hygiene reasons, it’s best to replace the teats every 1-2 months.

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By Charlie