The ivoler 100% Waterproof Pocket Bag is a product that truly delivers on its promise. This bag securely protects your important belongings from water, sand, and other potential damages with its featured 3 zipper locks and a foldover Velcro. The bag is made up of high-quality PVC material which guarantees it’s absolutely waterproof.

However, despite its high protection, the bag is very lightweight and comes with an adjustable extra-long belt. You can comfortably wear it around your waist or over your shoulder, making it the perfect companion for beach, swim, boating, hiking, or other adventurous activities.

It is not only functional but also carefully designed for your convenience. It has a transparent material around it, allowing you to take pictures underwater with your phone. Plus, its universal design makes it compatible with most smartphones under 6.5 inches and can carry credit cards and passports too.

In your package, you will also find a waterproof phone cover and a lanyard for even more convenience. The bag is easy to use, featuring a locking system and a sealing system that offers full protection against water.

Overall, ivoler 100% Waterproof Pocket Bag is a highly reliable and versatile product that provides the ultimate protection for your valuable possessions while you enjoy your outdoor escapades.

waterproof pocket bag

By Charlie