As an advocate of at-home beauty treatments, I couldn’t be more pleased with the Garnier Nutrisse Crème permanent nourishing blonde hair dye. With a promise of up to 100% grey coverage and long-lasting colour, this product truly has it all. You can achieve the perfect blonde shade right in the comfort of your home.

The dye is highly beneficial for nourishing your hair; it’s enriched with avocado oil, olive oil, cranberry oil, shea oil and argan oil, which all work together to leave your hair silky, shiny and strong. Even after colouring, it protects your hair from dryness for up to 8 weeks.

One absolute gem to discover is how the numbering on the pack helps you find the perfect shade. The first number indicates how light or dark the dye will be. For example, blonde shades range from 7 – Dark Blonde to 10 – Very Light Blonde. The second number indicates the reflect, which can be Natural, Warm or Cool. Indeed, 7.0 is a Natural Dark Blonde, 7.3 is a Golden Dark Blonde, and 10.1 is the Very Light Ash Blonde I tried. And let’s not forget about that attractive natural baby blonde shade that Holly Willoughby flaunts!

Application is a breeze, with clear and comprehensive steps. I love the thoughtful inclusion of a pair of gloves and a leaflet in every box. Also, the nourishing after-colour conditioner that’s infused with five rich oils truly seals the deal. The Natural Baby Blonde shade has provided a natural-looking, multi-tonal hair colour that has certainly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend the Garnier Nutrisse Crème permanent hair dye for anyone looking to change up their hair game.

garnier nutrisse crème

By Charlie