Having had the opportunity to sample the Westland Houseplant Potting Compost Mix enriched with Seramis, I am profoundly impressed by its performance. Being a horticulturist at heart, I appreciate products that deliver on their promises and Westland certainly does.

The genius of this product lies in its specialist blend allowing it to be utilized by anyone desiring lively, healthier indoor plants. Incorporating this compost mix can transform your indoor gardening endeavor into a much more rewarding experience. The transformation of your plants’ health and look is noteworthy.

The Seramis granules included are impressive, offering optimal water and nutrient availability. These features directly translate into long living, greener indoor plants. It is these granules that give your plants that luxuriant green we all desire in our indoor plants.

The addition of perlite is a masterstroke. It produces airflow and drainage, leading to healthier root development and overall plant health. This compost mix offers more than a higher yield; it offers happier plants, which is a win-win if you ask me.

The compost mix is also generous in quantity, filling a 28cm pot from an 8L bag. I believe Westland offers value for money, considering the quality and volume of compost you get with each purchase. This Houseplant compost mix is certainly an investment that any indoor plant enthusiast should consider.

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By Charlie