I recently had the opportunity to test the 20 Colors Epoxy Resin Pigment from HXDZFX. The beauty of these pigments truly brings any creative project to life. From Golden, Blue, to Pink, these vibrant colours breathe vibrancy into any piece you are working on.

The crystal transparency of the dyes blends well into the resin, making it ideal for crafting clear jewellery. Additionally, these pigments are quite condensed meaning a small drop can go a real long way. You can also mix them with other colourants to achieve a bespoke tone.

One aspect I truly appreciate is the user-friendly design of the squeeze bundle, giving full control over the amount of pigment you use. This precision makes them a perfect choice for professional artistry.

The pigments can be applied to a broad range of applications from embellishing your jewellery, craft decorations, to garment accessories. It’s wonderful how some drops of these pigments can transform ordinary items into vibrant works of art.

To achieve the best colour effect, these liquids should be mixed with epoxy resin or UV resin. And the good part? No catalyst is required.

The HXDZFX 20 Colors Epoxy Resin Pigment comes off as a versatile, user-friendly, and vibrant set of pigments that can unlock unparalleled creative potentials in DIY craft and jewellery making.

epoxy resin pigment

By Charlie